Market Price  (in-store only!)

Morgan Enterprises, out of Burlington, WA, is our bait supplier. As one of Morgan’s largest accounts, they do a great job keeping us fully stocked. We stock a wide selection of fresh, frozen, and cured bait all year long. Planning a trip? Hard to find sand shrimp? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to take care of your needs!

We also offer a selection of over 35 different cures, brines, and dyes for prepping your eggs and herring. Need to add a scent to your bait or lures? There’s a good chance you’ll find it from one of our 160 different scents!

Live Bait:

• Sand Shrimp

• Large Nightcrawlers

• Baby Nightcrawlers

• Meal Worms (seasonal)

• Maggots (seasonal)

Cured Bait:

• Eggs

• Egg clusters

• Sand Shrimp

• Coon Stripe Shrimp

• Feed Eggs

Processed Bait:

• Shrimp Pellets

• Berkley Power Bait

Frozen Bait:

• Herring

• Anchovies

• Sardines

• Squid

• Octopus

• Mackerel Blocks

• Crab Bait

• Bulk Eggs


(Market Price for curing your own eggs)